Benefits of Essentrics

Restores & Rejuvenates

If we don’t engage our muscles through exercise, we lose the cells within our muscles metabolically active cells within our muscles and our muscles atrophy and shrink. Strength and flexibility decrease and pain and stiffness set in. By doing Essentrics® we slow the pace of aging, enabling our body to remain, strong, flexible, mobile and pain-free. Essentrics stimulates blood flow, opening the capillaries and encouraging the pumping of other fluids in and out of muscles. Improved circulation has many anti-aging benefits. It helps to bring healing nutrients to muscles, loosens tight joints, relieves pain, improves the quality of the skin and removes toxins. As the saying goes,” If you don’t use it you lose it.” With regular participation, exercising with this unique full body workout will make sure you won’t!  .

Improves Mobility & Posture

Essentrics improves mobility by re-balancing the entire muscular structure and thus unlocking all 360 joints. Locked joints restrict speed and range of motion, reduce flexibility, and can create pain. Systemically re-balancing the muscles and working the joints every way they were designed to move increases mobility. Re-balancing the body is like aligning the wheels of a car. Just as all four wheels of a car need to be rotated and balanced relative to one another to ensure a smooth ride, so do our muscles need to be equally stretched and strengthened to avoid creating muscular imbalances that pull our joints out of proper alignment. Rebalancing the muscular structure also helps to improve posture, eliminating the muscular imbalances that often result in rounded shoulders. Essentrics is proven to re-balance the body, relieve pain, and improve mobility – so you can stand tall, move freely and live actively – without pain.

Increases Strength & Flexibility

Essentrics’ unique combination of stretching and strengthening systematically works every joint and muscle group. Using the body’s own weight and the force of gravity to rotate, elongate and move the body through space is a safe and effective way to build strength and flexibility. Just as ballet dancers build lean, strong muscles, so will you build lean, strong, flexible muscles using the weight of your extended limbs for resistance. Moreover, when muscles are lengthened while being toned, muscle flexibility also increases. After doing several Essentrics workouts most people’s bodies begin to change shape. In fact, Essentrics works exactly as a girdle, pulling the body inwards and upwards reversing the effects of gravity and aging. The unique flowing movements of the Essentrics program have been proven to simultaneously slenderize and tone the abs, waist, thighs, arms and back. So you will  feel better and you look better too!

Relieves Chronic Pain

Most muscular skeletal pain is rooted in muscle imbalance from a combination of weak, overbuilt or tight muscles and tight fascia (connective tissue that surrounds every muscle, organ and cell of your body). When your muscles are chronically tight the surrounding fascia stiffens, too. Over time the fascia becomes rigid, compressing the muscles and the nerves. Invariably, the imbalance and tightness ends up damaging joints and/or leading to chronic pain. Damaged joints can be healed through regular gentle correct movement and the pain can be permanently reversed. As a low-intensity fitness program, Essentrics helps alleviate pain in feet and ankles, knees, hips, back, and neck by stretching the fascia as it lengthens and strengthens the muscles. Doing Essentrics releases the stress on tight muscles, tight fascia and damaged joints to deliver a healthier, pain-free body.

“Most chronic pain (80%) is caused by a mechanical imbalance in the body. A mechanical problem requires a mechanical solution and that solution is right under our noses—it’s free, and it doesn’t require drugs or surgery—it’s gentle rebalancing exercises,” says Miranda Esmonde-White.

“One of the most damaging consequences of chronic pain, whatever its origin, is the tendency to stop moving…. a deceptively simple exercise technique (Essentrics)… leaves no stone unturned as every part of the body gets attention, and restores harmony as it brings the body back in tune with itself.” Helene M. Langevin, MD, Professor in Residence of Medicine Harvard Medical School

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