About Karen

In 2016 I realized after climbing the 38 steep stairs in my daughter’s home that I needed to start exercising. I had been a member of various gyms in the past but I found that nothing really changed my flexibility, strength or stamina.

I had been seeing a Clinical Muscle Therapist once a week to help with tight muscles especially in my shoulder and neck areas. My Muscle Therapist told me about Essentrics. After researching Essentrics, I ordered the Level 1 materials.

Shortly after starting to practice Essentrics I noticed important changes in my overall strength, stamina and flexibility. Essentrics not only gave me the strength to pick up my Grandchildren, climb those 38 steps without my thighs burning up, stop half way due to lack of strength in my legs, Essentrics gave me the ability to move freely without my muscles tightening in my day to day activities.

Essentrics improved my energy level, helped lose those few extra pounds, and gave me back a stronger, toned body, and enabled me to be an active and energetic grandmother!

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